Corporate Advantage Guide

Our Mission

To enable companies to realise their most ambitious marketing and communication objectives by offering an integrated approach, creativity and years of experience.

Achieve defined macro objectives reliably

Marketing, when deployed strategically can be a very powerful management tool, it can increase company value, drive organic growth and engage new markets. The caveat is usually that to be truly effective any marketing campaign must be coherent across many channels and consistent in its delivery.

The challenges to achieving this are tremendous, there are many aspects of a creative campaign that will remain subjective, however with an experienced management team, supported by a dedicated and scalable team of specialists, then specific goals can be reliably achieved. Within structured time frames and according to set budgets.

Using a reliable on-demand, strategic marketing asset

An in-house marketing department should be concentrating on a clear set of goals and objectives, many of which will be maintenance orientated and include campaigns based around current products and services, or new introductions within existing trade units. In order to deploy strategic marketing efforts and a macro level, a substantial and dedicated team is required, hence outsourcing is an attractive option.

The DMA Europa Group represents a multi-platform, multi-language marketing services toolbox that can be deployed alongside your existing team to achieve specific strategic objectives. Our USP is that the entire group has decades of experience handling blue-chip manufacturing, engineering, software and factory automation clients looking to achieve strategic goals.

Not only do we understand the market, tried and tested methods of achieving your goals, but also have the practical knowledge and specialist workforce ready to be deployed on your timescales.

This document covers our service offering based around four key strategic objectives.
• Quickly capitalise on acquisitive growth
• Supercharge organic growth within the organisation
• Establish new territories and markets quickly and cost effectively
• Engage with a technology savvy audience

Quickly capitalise on acquisitive growth

Using a global marketing overhaul to integrate or drive value from for your new brand acquisition.

Large manufacturing/technology companies growing by acquisition

Venture capitalists that require a service to manage the brand transition of acquisitions and ensure the purchase is being leveraged from a marketing standpoint to enhance group brand value and public perception of smooth growth, underlining market confidence and consolidating the group for fast progress and quick sale / capitalisation of added share value.

Supercharge organic growth within the organisation

Use a flexible marketing resource with global reach, experience and extensive, scalable resources to inject pace and dynamism to the key aspects of marketing that drive growth within an existing organisation.

Large manufacturing / technology companies achieving organic growth

Many share price assessment and prediction engines now rely on algorithms that take into consideration organic growth figures, in addition to physical growth which is too easily manipulated via purely acquisitive actions.

Stimulate and nurture organic growth, it’s a costly and slow exercise, but if you can increase effectiveness and speed the process up with fixed investment packages, that also include brand value and market perception than they may be attractive at board level.

Establish new territories and markets quickly and cost effectively

There are many practical and logistical barriers to establishing new markets and territories, and most require large investments to overcome. However, it is possible to make substantial inroads and establish a visible market presence within a territory or market sector regardless of language or local cultural differences using a dedicated marketing approach.

Large manufacturing / technology companies looking to develop new territories quickly and cost effectively.

By using a complete marketing strategy and delivery service which makes language barriers transparent, is far more cost effective and faster than using internal teams with high overheads and limited skills and resources.

By packaging all marketing and communication materials, localising them and reproducing then in another language, then managing all the deliverables from websites, PR, social media and brochures, to manuals and contracts and legals via one support team with infinite expandable resources, then a new territory can be conquered very quickly and effectively, with a lower real-world overhead.

Engage with a technology savvy audience

There is no doubt that your emerging customer base in a B2B business context will be highly computer literate, from the proliferation of games consoles to mobile devices and fast, anywhere internet connectivity. To engage with this generation, there must be a fast, visual interface to your products, services and promotional efforts. Adopting AR and VR technologies now, will not only future-proof your organisation, it will engage the early adopters within your existing an potential new customers right now.

Virtual Environments

The world of how we interact with everything from a shop to an exhibition hall, to a service network, is about to change beyond recognition.

We have the platform developed and ready; whilst mobile communication technology has just reached a watershed moment where interaction can be purely visual.

You have to see this to really get your head around it…